As with many of our initiatives, we must have dedicated partners who share our commitment  and have the power to translate that vision into reality. 

The Sgt. Clint Ferrin Memorial Veterans Dental Clinic Committee members sincerely thank all of our sponsors for their support - without them, we could not provide much needed dental care for our veterans!

2016 Sponsors

Gratitude Gallery
The Grahl Family  |  The Farnoush Family  |  Ms. Connie Emmitt-Stern     Ms. Sarah Ringdahl  |  Grace & John Thacker  |  Ms. Shannon GiolitoMs. Heather Norton  |  Mr. William Robert  |  Mr. Joel Cada  |  Mr. Griffin Park  Ms. Michelle Farnoush  |  Mr. Kory Grahl  |  Dr. Wendy Woodall  |  Mrs. Nikki Khurana-Baugh

2015 Sponsors